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This page explains wether and how the content of my pages may be used elsewhere.

Copyright notice

All material within the web address space Internal link is copyrighted to Franz-Josef Wirtz, except where declared otherwise. You are allowed to use and distribute text content (including program sources) as long as it's done for free, since you got it for free too and as long you honor my copyright by quoting it correctly (full name, place and source, e.g. copyright by Dr. Franz-Josef Wirtz, Düsseldorf, webaddress). You may not use any picture content without my explicit permission, except for purely private use.

It should be obvious, that instead of copying parts of my work, you could just use a link to the right place :-)

Just a note on external links

So called external links (not starting with are not under control of me, Franz-Josef Wirtz. The content expressed there just reflects the opinions of the author(s) of the external pages, but not necessarily mine. All links have been chosen carefully to fit into the context, where they appear and to give you starting points for your own searches, just for your convenience. The external links I choose should be helpful extensions. I like the wealth and variety of the contributions of other people.

I stand on the shoulders of giants.
Sir Isaac Newton (maybe knowing even older sources like Bernard of Chartres)

Please take note of the symbol Internal linkconvention I use to help you to distinguish between internal and external links.